For the Joy of The Lord is Your Strength!! Nehemiah 8:10

Friday, May 7, 2010


I can not believe it is May, 2010 already!! Where did this year go? I have not been a very good blogger and I need to be more dedicated to this. Alot has happened since my last blog. Easter, spring, birthdays and miracles. First and foremost Easter and Miracles!! God is a god of miracles and I am always reminded at Easter the true miracle of redeemption and thank God that he sent his son to pay a debt for me that he didnt even owe!!! But thats the kind of God we serve!!! Morgan, Mckenzie and Ryan all have had birthdays and we are glad and grateful for these special people!!!

Charlie got picked to go on a business trip to Las Vegas by the Carpenters Union!! He leaves later this month. He was honored and happy to be goin to school and conferences out there. He has never been to Vegas so he is looking forward to it. I am married to a very humble, smart and hard working man!! I think he needed this , to be picked 1 of 4, out of the whole south east to go because of his hard work!! We have had a rough couple of years financially but God is turning it around as always!!!

Ryan is getting ready to go on his mission trip, Panama City, Panama. Please be praying for him to be used of God and be obedient for what God tells him. Also be praying for him because he broke his left leg, small femur, last Wed. and will be in a boot cast for 6 wks. He goes on his mission trip in 5 weeks. But we serve a God of miracles and He spared his life so I know he will heal him enough to be able to go!!

I will try to do better on my blogs. Thanks for reading them and I pray you will be blessed by what God is doing!!


  1. I am so glad to see you back in the blogging world. I love to read and keep up with you guys! I know you will miss him, but that's awesome news about Charlie going to Vegas! Stop by and see us sometime!! Talk to ya soon.

  2. Congrats on Mr. Charlie's job opportunity! I know what it's like to be without the Hubby. I'll be praying for you both! :)
    Poor Ryan. I pray his leg heals quickly! Casts are no fun whatsoever! (I know from lots of experience. lol) And what a great testimony for him to be going on a missionary trip! That is awesome!! I know you are so proud!
    Praying for your family! Love you all!