For the Joy of The Lord is Your Strength!! Nehemiah 8:10

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Beauty in all things!!

Hello my friends!! I finally was able to get back to blogging! As we all know we have had a beautiful snow filled winter here in Bama!! I agree the snow is beautiful and great to watch!! But after a few days of this I was about to get cabin fever!! Saturday morning as me and Paw were sitting in bed watching one of our favs on HGTV (Holmes on Homes), we heard a knock on the front door. As I answered there stood two little snow angels holding hand all bundled up, yes the grandbabies and their mom and dad had walked/rode a bike/ strolled over to see if Mimi and Paw wanted to play in the snow!! Of course we do, as we bundled up and went outside, the Lord showed me that through all my fussing about the snow and the cold, that I had overlooked the beauty that he created. First to be able to spend time and see the joy through a childs eyes that the snow is beautiful AND only happens here in the South every once in a while. To be able to see the joy of making snow angels for the first time, to making snowballs, sliding across icey mudholes, which by the way was Austins fav thing to do!! The joy of watching the birds devour the seed in my bird feeders. Watching the older kids, Jess, Micah, Ryan, Charlie & Me, having as much fun as the little guys. To see the look on Mckenzie and Samanthas face when they rode the sliegh (lid off of deer cooler) down the hill for the first time. Hearing Sam say that was sooo vewy scaaaarrrwwwyy mimi in her little two year old voice. To see the beauty and quiet of the snow before it is trambled by all. So as I sit and think about the weekend of cold and snow I have to say Thank you Lord for reminding me of beauty of all things you create. Thank you for a wonderful family to share it with.